Soil Stabilisers

Dust Free Spreading and Stabilising in one Machine
German- engineered Stehr SBF 24-6 integrated spreader/mixer is the only machine in the market which can provide a totally dust-free environment when spreading and mixing making it the “greenest machine" on the market. Now you do not need a separate spreader machine for binder.

Traditionally, lime or cement is spread on the surface ahead of the mixer thereby creating the possibility of wind spreading the fine powder and causing an unwanted nuisance . The totally dust free operation minimises the risk of airborne particles by placing the powder directly ahead of the rotor in the mixing chamber of the machine, eliminating the risk of potential harm to operators and/or inconvenience to adjoining land owners in the wrong wind conditions.

Stehr offer a range of soil stabilisers with mixing widths from 2.2m to 2.4m and a working depth of 400mm to 600mm