The PR all-purpose leaders fit different types of tool carrier and are suitable for:

  • Driving steel, concrete, timber-piles with Fambo hammer
  • Driving and extracting sheet piles and steel piles with vibrator
  • Compact open design, simplifies application.

PR leaders fit onto the bucket attachment of the tool carrier. If the rig has a quick-change head,changing from digger to pile driver takes about 10 min.

The leader design makes it ideal for difficult-to-reach sites such as:

  • Limited headroom conditions
  • Difficult corners
  • Driving works on embankments or in shafts

The hydraulic drive is taken either from the tool carrier or from a separate hydraulic pump. The PR-leaders can be assembled on different carriers or excavators.

Other leader systems

Ready-made adapter constructions are available when mounting a Fambo hammer on a base rig of the BAUER Maschinen Group such as:

  • BAUER BG drill rig
  • RTG pile driver
  • BL hanging leader on MC foundation cranes

All HR hammers can be mounted on these leaders.
Recommended HR hammer types are HR 2750 to HR 10000.

Technical Specifications Hammers

Specification PR 700 PR 1000
Length of mast 3.300 mm 5.500 mm
Auxiliary winch 10 kN 15 kN
Weight 600 kg 1.300 kg
Pile Length 6 m 10 m