Movax Tube Driver

Speed up piling works with Side - Grip Movax.
Tube Driver utilises the side grip clamps to lift and rotate the pile to driving location. Secure grip keeps the tube in control during driving and Auto control system enables fast and accurate piling work.

Movax Tube Driver has been also successfully used as assisting machine before finishing with a drop hammer of a bigger vibro. Superior handling added with a capability to pre-drive the pile increases productivity

Tube Sizes for Tube Drivers

Piler type SP-40W SP-50W SP-60W SPH-80W-6 SP70F4W-2 SP-30 and special jawes
Excavator class (ton) 18-20 22-25 25-30 25-40 25-40 -
- Basic jaw size (mm) 630 630 630 630 720 p to maximum 300mm
- Tube reducers 50-600 50-600 50-600 50-600 90-711 -