Movax Sheet Piling Machines

Patented Movax side grip sheet piler is the most versatile sheet piler in the world. Movax can be mounted on any excavator and can be used for picking up the pile, driving the pile and extracting the pile. One machine can perform all the operation at site thus saving cost and time for the contractor. Movax can be used to drive sheet piles, H-beams, I-beams, and pipes in virtually any type of soil condition.

Autocontrol C allows the operator to select a precise angle to drive/extract piles, even horizontally. A skilled operator can pick up, position and drive a pile in one fluid motion. With computer-assisted automatic steering and side grip ability, Movax sheet piler/excavator combination automatically corrects the straightness of the sheet pile during the driving and extraction.

  • Handle single piles and tubes up to 12 to 16 metres in length
  • The only system offering completely safe, one-man operation
  • An average of 50% better productivity
  • zero headroom capability
  • Able to drive in extreme hard soil conditions, even silt.

Construction Elements for side grip sheet pilers

Piler type SP-30 SP-40E SP-50E SP-60E SP-50F-2 SP-60F-2 SPH-75-6 SPH80-6 SP70F4-2
Excavator class (ton) 10-13 18-20 22-25 25-30 22-25 25-30 30-34 25-40 25-40
Sheet piles
Width of the pile (mm) 400-600 600-1200 600-1200 600-1200 600-1200 600-1200 600-1200 600-1200 600-1200